The Ministry of Health is looking for a “quick solution” to fill vacancies at the residency

The authorities will identify a “quick fix” to cover vacant residency places and posts after this autumn’s exam left almost 200 places vacant despite the minimum pass score being lowered.

According to the Minister of Health, it is not such a serious situation in the case of unoccupied places in family medicine, as it is circulated.  

There are not many seats left (free, no). Out of the almost 700 places in family medicine, about 40 remained vacant, i.e. 6% of the total places allocated to family medicine”, recently declared the Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila .

We are thinking of a quick solution so that, in the immediate next period, these places are occupied according to the legal provisions in force, so that there are no more places available for residency training, including in deficient specialties that are not occupied by young graduates” , the minister also said.

The statement was launched in the context in which these approximately 200 places and positions remained unoccupied at the residency, although the Ministry of Health lowered the threshold for passing the competition (60% of the maximum score, compared to 65%, which was the initial score).

In fact, according to an information sent this fall by the Ministry, the maximum score achieved in the residency session in the field of medicine was 936 points, and the minimum passing score, according to the initial scale of 65%, is 608 points. In this situation, a maximum of 3,696 candidates could have chosen a place or a position in the specialty from the 4,327 available places.

The early training of a sufficient number of specialists is a priority of the Ministry of Health’s human resources policy. Young doctors must have a secure job after graduation, and patients in Romania must benefit from care from future generations of specialists!” said, at that time, the Minister of Health.

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